Load unsupported fonts

In RDL, the defined fonts are not supported in cross-platform browsers. The unsupported fonts can be loaded through the font-face css rule in the style section of the application.

Using @font-face in Style Section

  • Add the <style> tag to head section of the HTML page.
  • Create the CSS rule font-face and then add the font-family and src resources as mentioned below.
  • font-family – Specifies a name that will be used as a font face value for font properties.
  • src – Specifies the resource containing the font data. This can be a URL to a font file location.

  • The following code snippet describes the above steps.
  • HTML
  • <style>
         @font-face {
             font-family: Segoe UI;
             src: url(segoe_ui.ttf);