The report data returns the result of an external datasource query value. The report data contains the datasource name, query, fields and parameter details in the report.

Add data

This section explains, how to create a new Data.

Click the Data icon in the configuration panel to launch a Data configuration.

Datasource Start

Click the Add DataSet button in Data panel.

Dataset Create Wizard

Click Create New in the context menu, In the connection type panel, click the data source type that you want to connect. Here, SQL connection type is used to demonstrate.

SQL Connect

In the new data source configuration panel, fill the server name and related details.

Datasource Create Wizard

Click the Connect button, then the following view will be displayed.

Dataset Design View

You can set the dataset name of your choice by editing the Name field in the query designer toolbar pane.

Dataset Name Field

To search the table or view from the data collection, you can use the Search field in the left pane of the query designer.

Search Tab

The left pane holds the tables and views associated with the connected database.

Drag the preferred table or view from the left pane and drop into the center pane labeled with Drag and Drop tables here like below.

Drag Table

After you drop the item into the center pane, it displays like below:

Table Visual

Visualize multiple table data

You can visualize multiple tables by drag and drop another table into the design pane.

Drag Table

Now, the QueryJoiner dialog will be launched. You can relate the columns as desired. Refer Joining Tables.

Click the Finish button in the tools pane (highlighted below) to add the data with the report.

Finish Dataset

Now, you have successfully created a Data with the Web Designer Report. The table fields will be listed in Data panel like below.

Final Panel Dataset