Kerberos Authentication Settings

This section explains how to configure Syncfusion Report Server to use Kerberos for user authentication.

Kerberos Authentication Settings

Please check the below links for more details about Kerberos authentication protocol.

Configure Kerberos Settings

To configure Report Server to use Kerberos, feed the Machine name and Host Domain name. Report Server will generate a .bat file which has to be run in the Windows Server, where Active Directory Domain Services role is installed.

  • Machine name - You can find the machine name using the following steps.
    1. Right click on My computer and select Properties.
    2. Find the Machine name labeled as Computer name under Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings
  • Host Domain name - This is the DNS name of the Report Server. For example,

Generate SetSPN .bat file

After feeding in the above parameters, click on Generate and Download .bat File. Report Server will generate the .bat file for setting the SPN and will prompt you to download.

Kerberos Authentication Settings

Save and run the generated .bat file in the Windows Server machine, where Active Directory Domain Services role is installed.

This will set Service Principal Name to let the Report Server to authenticate users using Kerberos authentication.