Update Reports

This section explains on how to add Reports in the Syncfusion Report Server.

Steps to update a Report

Reports can be updated to move the Report to a different category. Name, description and the Report file(.rdl) can be changed for the Report in the update Report dialog box.

  1. Click on the Update option in the context menu of the Report to be updated to open the update Report dialog box.

    Update Report

  2. Click on the Update button in the Update Report dialog box after making changes to the Category, Name, Description or to the Report file(.rdl). Comments can also be added if there is a change in the Report file(.rdl) to maintain as Version Comments.

    update Report

REST API Reference

The following table illustrates the list of available APIs related to update reports in Syncfusion Report Server.

Action HTTP Method Endpoint Description
UpdateReport PUT /api/v5.0/reports Update report to the server. Report details must be passed as input.