Update Data Source(s)

This section explains how to update the shared Data Source(s) of the Report in Syncfusion Report Server.

Steps to update Data Source(s) of a report

To update the shared Data Source(s) for particular Report, choose the Update Data Source(s) context menu item of the Report.

Choose Update Data Source(s)

Note: The Update Data Source(s) option only available for the Report which has the shared data source. Also, the user needs to have permission to edit the Report.

In the Update Data Source(s) dialog, the combination of Reports and categories already chosen are selected as default.

Update data source dialog

Data Sources already used in the Report along with the available Data Sources in the Server to choose are shown in the dialog box.

Shared data source list

Add new Data Source

New Data Source can be added in two ways,

  1. By searching for the Data Source names in the drop down. It suggests adding new Data Source, if the searched Data Source is not on the list. On clicking the (New Data Source) option opens the new Data Source dialog box.

    add new Data source dropdown

  2. Click the plus (+) icon to open the new Data Source dialog box.

    add new Data source

Fill in the form with name and description of the data source, the data source type, connection string and the connection detail on how to connect the specified data source.

add new Data source dialog

The newly added Data Source is automatically selected for the specific Data Source Name.

add new Data source dialog

On clicking the update button, the shared Data Sources are updated for the specific report. Here, Data Source AdventureWorks uses Northwind data source.

Shared data source list

Once you have updated the Data Source the success message will appear in the footer of the dialog box.

Data source update success