Favorite Report

This section explains about how to mark Reports as favorites, remove a particular Report from favorites and view the list of favorite Reports in the Syncfusion Report Server.

Mark a Report as favorite

Reports can be marked as favorite to view them in the Favorite Reports category instead of searching them in the Categories or using keywords in the Reports list.

To mark a Report as favorite, click on the star icon near the Report name.
The star icon will be filled with color to indicate that it is added as favorite Report.

Favorite Report

Remove a Report from favorites

To remove a Report from favorites, click on the star icon near the Report name.
The star icon color will be emptied to indicate that it is removed from favorites.

Remove Favorite Report

Favorite Reports Category

Reports that are marked as favorite can be viewed under Favorite Reports category.

Favorite Category

REST API Reference

The following table illustrates the list of available APIs related to favorite reports in Syncfusion Report Server.

Action HTTP Method Endpoint Description
GetFavoriteReports GET /api/v2.0/reports/favorite Returns the list of favorite reports.
UpdateFavoriteReport PUT /api/v2.0/reports/favorite Update the report either as favorite or non-favorite in the server.