Add Reports

This section explains on how to add Reports in the Syncfusion Report Server.

  • If the user has Create All Reports permission, then the user can create reports in any category.
  • If the user has Create Reports in Category permission with some chosen categories, then the user can only create reports in those chosen categories.
  • Reports must be added in any one category.
  • Reports can be designed in the Report Designer and then added in the Report Server. For client users, Report Designer can be downloaded from the Report Server.
  • Reports created by using the SSRS Report Builder can also be uploaded into the Report Server.

Steps to add a report

  1. Click on the Create button in the menu and select Reports to add a report.

    Create Report

  2. Select a category for the report and fill in the name and description of the report and upload the RDL file in the Add Report dialog box.

    Add Report

  3. If the report uses shared data sources, then the data sources also should to be selected.

    Add Report with data source

  4. In the select data source dialog, you can either select a data source that is already in the Report Server or create a new data source at that time itself.

  5. After choosing the data source, the report can be saved to be added in the Report Server.


Read Write Delete Download permission for the Specific Report will be added for the user who created the report.

REST API Reference

The following table illustrates the list of available APIs related to add reports in Syncfusion Report Server.

Action HTTP Method Endpoint Description
AddReport POST /api/v5.0/reports Add a new report to the server. Report details must be passed as input.
GetReports GET /api/v5.0/items Returns the list of reports for current user. ItemType should be Report.
GetReportLocation GET /api/v3.0/items/{itemId}/location Returns the item location of the specified report. Specific Report ID should be passed in path parameter.
IsReportNameExists POST /api/v2.0/items/is-name-exists Returns an item existence whether the given report name already exists or not in server. Report name and ItemType as Report should be passed in request body.
GetReportDetail GET /api/v2.0/items/{id} Returns the specified report details from the server. Report item ID should be passed in path parameter.