Essential Studio for ReactJS Release Notes (Beta)

March 13, 2019

ejReportDesigner Preview


  • #140559 and #222739 – Provided list report item support to create free-form layout in reports.
  • #209470 - Provided custom code support.
  • #222739 and #139940 – Provided the necessary APIs to programmatically handle the data source and dataset options.
  • #222138 - Provided reordering support for report parameters.
  • Provided an option to order the layout of report items in the design area.

Bug Fixes

  • #229302 - Fixed the undefined issue with the headers property when uploading an image using the image manager.
  • #227493 – Now, expressions can be set for the subreport item in the visibility property.
  • #142413 - Fixed the report parameter layout tag creation issue when creating parameters in the report.
  • #226659 - Fixed the header color and column span properties’ serialization issue in the grid report item.
  • #226659 and #223252 - Fixed the issues with the textbox report item’s expression option.
  • #223797 - Fixed the image upload issue when the file name contains Unicode values.
  • #222796 - Fixed the summary row property disabling issue in the grid report item.
  • #226659 - Fixed the issue with populating the text alignment property in the grid report item.
  • #222888 - Resolved the console errors thrown when applying font sizes continuously for the selected text in the text box report item.
  • #221279 - Resolved the issue with inheriting the alternate row cell properties from the cell styles in the grid report item.
  • #221279 - Fixed the column resizing issue in the grid report item.
  • #223348 - Fixed the parameter type conversion failure in dataset query.



  • Provided import/export support for charts with Trendlines.
  • Provided support to highlight the invalid data while updating the value in validation applied cells.
  • Provided custom format support for negative numbers.
  • Provided cellSave event support, whenever the cell value changed in the spreadsheet.
  • Provided the performance improvements while scrolling with applied freeze pane.
  • Provided support for add table references in name manager collection while importing.