Essential Studio for ReactJS Release Notes

August 7, 2017



  • Feature to show/hide the cards based on key value mapping. It can group the cards using key value and enables to toggle the display.



  • #175308 - Provided template support for RadialMenu items using prependTo property, we can add valid SVG element to it.



  • Provided globalization support for RadialSlider ticks and value. Enables to customize culture based values for the component.



  • #132062, #132560 - Scheduler is now provided with an option to allow the user to create/edit the appointments inline, by single clicking on the cells/appointments.
  • #176154 - While editing a recurrence appointment in series mode, to prevent the changes on the previously edited occurrences of this recurrence appointment - then ignoreEditedOccurrences argument can be set to true within the beforeAppointmentChange event function.
  • Scheduler provides option to enable/disable the delete functionality of appointments through allowDelete API.
  • Scheduler provides an additional option to edit/delete only the following occurrences of a recurrence appointment.
  • Scheduler provides option to drag and drop appointments from one week to another week, simply by holding the appointments either in the first or last date column for some specific delay time.

Breaking changes

  • #181307, #183269 - Appointments are rendering correctly, when the current view has more than 100 appointments.


SpellCheck control is now provided with ReactJS support, which helps to find and highlight the misspelled words from a given content, typically by comparing it with a stored list of dictionary words.

Key Features

  • Custom Dictionary
  • Ignore Settings
  • Ignore Words
  • Customize Menu Items
  • Misspell Word Style
  • Maximum Suggestion Count



  • #169150, 173569, 178299, 183197 - Provided support for chart with discontinuous range.