Essential Studio for ReactJS Release Notes

September 28, 2016



We have added support to React with our existing jQuery based Essential JS Components, now users can use Essential JS components with React JS applications for building complex grade enterprise web applications.

“React JS is an DOM management library that is used to create user interfaces, it computes the minimal set of changes that makes keep your DOM up-to-date”

The Syncfusion React components provides the following features.

  • Declarative data binding
  • Template support
  • 40+ enterprise controls wrapper support
  • Complete JSX support
  • Code readability and reusable components.

Find the complete catalog of all the react supported Essential JS components in the below table.

Accordion ListBox Schedule
Autocomplete ListView Scrollbar
BarCode Maps Slider
Bullet Graph Menu Sparkline
Button NavigationDrawer Splitter
Chart PDF Viewer Spreadsheet
Circular Gauge PivotChart Tab
ColorPicker PivotGauge TagCloud
DatePicker PivotGrid Textboxes
DateTimePicker PivotTreeMap TileView
Diagram Progressbar TimePicker
Dialog RadialMenu Toolbar
Digital Gauge RadialSlider TreeGrid
DropDownList RangeNavigator TreeMap
FileExplorer Rating TreeView
Grid ReportViewer Uploadbox
HeatMap Ribbon WaitingPopUp
KanbanBoard Rotator  
LinearGauge RTE