Getting Started

5 Dec 20161 minute to read

This section explains briefly about the necessary steps required to render and configure EJ ToggleButton control using PHP wrapper classes.

Create a PHP Project and add necessary scripts and styles with the help of the given PHP Getting Started Documentation.

Create ToggleButton

Create a ToggleButton control by instantiating the PHP wrapper class available in EJ namespace as shown below.

  • HTML
  • <?php
        $button =  new EJ\ToggleButton("check15");
        echo $button ->showRoundedCorner(true)->defaultText("Play")->activeText("Pause")->size("large")
        ->contentType("textandimage")->defaultPrefixIcon("e-icon e-mediaplay")->activePrefixIcon("e-icon e-mediapause")->render();                

    The following screenshot illustrates the output of above code.