23 Nov 20161 minute to read

  The Tab control is an interface where list of items are expanded from a single item. Each Tab panel defines its header text or header template, as well as a content template. Tab items are dynamically added and removed. Tabs can be loaded with AJAX content that is useful for building dashboards where space is limited.

Key Features

  • Collapsible header : All headers are collapsible.
  • AJAX load : Load AJAX content in the Tab content panel.
  • Close button : Provides a close button for each Tab item.
  • Custom event for expanding header : Activate a Tab item on a single click, or bind custom events such as mouse over or mouse up to activate a Tab.
  • Header orientation : Change the header position to the top or bottom of the control.
  • Persist : Save the current model value to browser cookies to maintain the state.
  • Height style : Adjust the content panel height.
  • RTL : Tab headers and content can display right-to-left languages.**
  • Add Tab dynamically : New Tab items can be added and removed at run time.
  • Keyboard navigation : You can interact with the control using the keyboard.