25 Oct 2016 / 1 minute to read

Our Essential PHP Rotator control displays a set of slides with images or images and content, or content with user-defined transition between them. It supports Data Binding, Thumbnail, Pager, dynamic number of slide move options , and all custom animations. It supports all types of image formats (JPEG, GIF, and so on).

Key Features

Data Binding: Supports data binding with JSON data as well as remote data. local and remote dData.

Image with Content: Supports to render an image, content, or image with content.

Customized slides: Supports dynamic (one or more) number of slides and to move dynamic (one or more) number of slides at a time.

Auto-play: Supports auto-play mode for slide transition.

Pager and Thumbnail: Support to navigate between slides with thumbnail images or paging