19 Oct 20161 minute to read

EJ PHP PercentageTextBox component provides all the functionalities that is available in EJ PercentageTextBox, since it is a server side wrapper of EJ PercentageTextBox widget. It is used to display only percentage values. It has Spin buttons to increase or decrease the values in the Text Box.

Key Features

  • Min and Max Values — Specifies value range for the Text Box.
  • Spin Buttons — Allows you to increase or decrease the current value in the Text Box.
  • Step Value — Allows you to increment or decrement the current value by step value.
  • Localization — Essential JavaScript Text Boxes provide localization support. These controls use ej.globalize.jsfile to globalize and localize the format, and parse numbers and dates according to the culture.
  • Keyboard Navigation — You can interact with Text Boxes by using keyboard.
  • RTL Support — Support for right to left alignment of Text Box input.
  • Decimal Values — You can configure Text Boxes to accept decimal values.
  • Themes — EJ PHP PercentageTextBox consist of 17 built-in themes, and also support custom skins for creating user-defined themes.