19 Oct 20161 minute to read

EJ PHP MaskEdit component provides all the functionalities that is available in EJ MaskEdit, since it is a server side wrapper of EJ MaskEdit widget. It provides an easy and reliable way of collecting user input and displaying standard data in a specific format. Some common uses of the MaskEdit control are IP address editors, phone number editors, and Social Security number editors.

Key Features

  • Mask: The format in which the value should be entered in the text box can be set using this property.
  • Input Mode: This feature allows the MaskEdit text box to act as an input text box or password text box.
  • Watermark Text: The MaskEdit text box supports watermarking. A watermark is background text that appears in the text box without interfering with user text entry or the readability of the text entered. It can be used to display a ready instruction or other important information for the user. It appears automatically before the text is entered and disappears once the user begins entering text.
  • Theme EJ PHP MaskEdit consist of 17 built-in themes, and also support custom skins for creating user-defined themes.