Customize size

29 Nov 20161 minute to read

You can customize the size of the Tile by using the data-ej-tilesize attribute. The following built-in Tile sizes are supported.

  • medium

  • small

  • large

  • wide

Default value: small

Refer to the following code example.

  • HTML
  • <div style="margin-top:45px;">
    <div id="head" data-role="ejmheader" data-ej-title="Tileview"></div>
    <div id="tile" data-role="ejmtile" data-ej-imageurl="map.png" data-ej-imagepath="themes/sample/tileview" data-ej-text="map" data-ej-tilesize="medium" data-ej-imageposition = "fill" > 

    The following screenshot illustrates the output of the above code.

    customize size