Caption Configuration

21 Feb 20171 minute to read

The data-ej-caption-enabled attribute is used to show or hide the Tile caption. The data-ej-caption-text attribute is used to set the caption of a Tile. The data-ej-caption-alignment attribute is used to align the Tile text based on the requirement. The possible position values for alignment are as follows.

  1. normal

  2. left

  3. right

  4. center

The data-ej-caption-position attribute wraps the text inside or outside of a Tile. The possible position values of data-ej-caption-position are innertop, innerbottom and outer.


Caption position is not supported in small Tiles except ios and android outer position.

  • HTML
  • <div id="header" data-role="ejmnavigationbar" data-ej-mode="header" data-ej-title="Tile" data-ej-titlealignment="center" data-ej-position="top" data-ej-touchend="tileSelection">
        <div class="tiles" style="top: 45px; position: relative;">
            <div id="tileview1" data-role="ejmtile" data-ej-showroundedcorner="true" data-ej-imageposition="fill" data-ej-caption-position="outer" data-ej-caption-alignment="center" data-ej-tilesize="small" data-ej-caption-text="Weather" data-ej-imageurl="../themes/sampleimages/tileview/ios7/weather.png">

    The following screenshot illustrates the output of the above code.