Essential Studio for JavaScript (Mobile) Release Notes

November 18, 2016


Breaking changes

Essential JS mobile controls will no longer be under active development starting with the 2016 Volume 4 release. We will still continue to provide support updates and bug fixes to existing customers.

Existing customers can continue to use the mobile controls or consider migrating to equivalents from the web version of the Essential JS framework since all the controls now support responsive rendering and can render appropriately on phone, tablet and desktop form factors. We will also be providing better integration for Essential JS controls with the Ionic framework in the future to help simplify creating hybrid mobile applications.


Bug Fixes

  • #163894 - The issue with rendering 2 DOM wrapper elements for readOnly enabled DropDownList has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #165723 - Now the Mobile Grid renders perperly when columns field has Special Characters.


Bug Fixes

  • #164982 - Problem with event bubbling for controls inside ListView template have been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #165748 - Without focusing the Textbox, if click on the clear icon area, textbox value gets cleared issue has been fixed.

  • #165748 - If render more than one mobile textbox in page and navigate to one textbox to another one, then text box clear icon is not hidden from previous one issue has been fixed.