The data-ej-fields-image attribute is used to map the specific field name of the given DataSource to render the icons/images for each suggestion list. The mapped field should contain the icon/image URL for each suggestion list.

  • HTML
  • <input id="ac_multivalue" data-role="ejmautocomplete" data-ej-enablemultiselect="true" data-ej-datasource="window.datasrc"
                data-ej-watermarktext="Select countries" data-ej-fields-text="country" data-ej-fields-image="flag" />

    Add the following script.

  • JS
  • window.datasrc = [
                "country": "Afghanistan",
                "flag": "themes/sampleimages/countries/afghanistan.png"
                "country": "Bangladesh",
                "flag": "themes/sampleimages/countries/bangladesh.png"
                "country": "Canada",
                "flag": "themes/sampleimages/countries/Canada.png"