Export Sprite Image

Sprite image can be exported only through a project. To know how to create a project, click here. In the project, you will have multiple icons. You can either export all the icons in the project or specific set of icons. To export a sprite image, a minimum of two icons are required.

To export the project icons in the CSS sprite image, click the Sprite appbar icon in the Editor Dialog window. A setting popup appears. You can customise the setting as per your requirement.

  1. Set the orientation of the image alignment, i.e., horizontal or vertical.

  2. Enter the offset space between each icon.

  3. Enter the background for the image, if needed.

  4. Once settings is complete, click the export sprite button. A popup appears where you can choose the location and the file format of the image to be saved. Then, click export. Sprite image can be exported in 3 file formats, JPEG, GIF, and PNG.

  5. An image fie, HTML and CSS document will be exported to the chosen location.