Image Manager

12 Jul 20181 minute to read

An embedded image added in a report will be always available to that report. The embedded images in the report will be listed under the image manager pane.

Add an Embedded Image

  1. Click the Image icon in the configuration panel of the report design view.

  2. Click the Add Image button in the Image Manager panel.

  3. Click open, after selecting the image file type and file needed.

  4. Now, the image is displayed under the Image Manager panel.

    Note: Only one image can be imported at a time. To add more images repeat steps 2 to 4.

Add an Embedded Image to Report

  1. To add the image to the report, hover the pointer on the image in the Image Manager panel.

  2. Click the plus icon to add the image item to the design area.

Note: By default, the image will be added to the body area, you can also drag the image to the header and footer.