12 Jul 20181 minute to read

Sorting controls the order in which the data appears in a data region. Sort data in a dataset query, or define a sort expression for a data region or group.

For each sort expression, follow these steps:

  1. Click Add.

  2. Choose field from the first drop-down list or create an expression to decide the data to be sorted.

  3. To edit/create an expression, click on the square icon next to the first drop-down list and select Expression.

    The expression can be set like below.

    The icon will be indicated in Black color, if the expression is applied.

  4. From the second drop-down list, choose the sort direction for each expression.

    • Ascending sorts an expression in A-Z order.

    • Descending sorts an expression in Z-A order.

  5. Click OK.

Note: For effective sorting experience, apply sorting to the column with string data.