Essential Studio for JavaScript Release Notes

November 12, 2021


Bug Fixes

  • #I338426 - The issue with “Unable to select a value, when the search string is less than the minCharacter property” has been resolved.

  • #I345605 - The issue with the “In ejAutocomplete, empty result text is selected” has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • #I346076 - The issue with “The select event is triggered initially in the ColorPicker control” has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • #I344438 - The issue with “In ejDropDownList, sorting is not proper for text with lower case” has been resolved.

PDF Viewer

Bug Fixes

  • #I344591 - The signature is saved properly in the downloaded document and it is re-loading properly.
  • #I343210 - Now, the document is saved into the specific URL.
  • #I344861 - Text is extracted properly from the PDF document.
  • #I341677 - Opacity is properly updated for the custom stamp annotations.
  • #I341803, #F168735 - The annotationRemove event is properly triggered for all the annotations.
  • #I343938 - Now, the exportFormFields method is working properly.
  • #I342951 - Bookmark is working properly in the Mobile view.
  • #I342692 - Thumbnail and bookmark is working properly while invoking updateViewerContainer method.
  • #I337080 - Key down events are unbind properly while destroying the PDF Viewer.
  • #I335660 - Undo and redo actions are working properly for the free text annotations.
  • #I343036 - Script error is resolved while disabling the enableAnnotation property.
  • #I341074 - Now, the search dialog is closed properly.
  • #I342004 - Tooltips for thumbnail and bookmark are hiding properly.
  • #I342604 - Now, the search indicator is working properly.
  • #I342629 - Custom stamp annotation is deleted properly.
  • #I343636 - Added name attribute in the field object of formFieldRemove event.
  • *#I343736 - Able to show/hide the FormDesignerEditTool in the toolbar using the showToolbarItem API.
  • #I340840 - Current page number is updating correctly in the current page box of the toolbar.
  • #I341199 - Text Selection is working correctly and the browser’s default context menu appears on mobile devices.
  • #F167880 - Able to customize the context-menu items with locale content.
  • #I343745 - Search notification dialog content is properly translated to the specified locale.
  • #I345574 - Signature indicator text and isRequired properties for signature are working properly.
  • #I346090 - Primary toolbar displayed properly while switched to form designer mode and change the properties in form field.
  • #I344082 - Signature text annotation is rendered properly.
  • #I345023 - Enabling and disabling the zoom buttons are updated properly.
  • #I344897 - signatureFieldSettings is working properly.
  • #I344888 - signatureDialogSettings is working properly for handwritten signature dialog.
  • #I342999 - Annotation drawn in the horizontal view is selected properly.
  • #I344440 - Resolved the exception throws while exporting form fields from docker.