Essential Studio for JavaScript Release Notes

January 8, 2019



  • #222076 – Provided the InScope expression support for data region and its group elements.

Bug Fixes

  • #221279 – Resolved applying transparent color to the Tablix header cell content and background while exporting the PDF and Word documents through the Web ReportDesigner.
  • #219805 – Now, Excel sheet names with Unicode characters exports properly.
  • #221279 – Text box report item height not updated problem based on line feed elements has been resolved.
  • #220969 – Resolved additional space problem in Excel export if the KeepWithGroup Before option is enabled in the Tablix report item.
  • #221556 – Now, the report with Globals.PageName built-in collection exports directly through the ReportWriter.
  • #222390 – Resolved built-in collection Globals.PageNumber text run right alignment problem in PDF.
  • #222198 - Dependent parameter value updates properly in rendering the layout after clicking the view report.
  • #222840 – Now, the Tablix grouping column width updates properly in Excel export.
  • #219541 – Chart data label angle specified for the line chart displays properly in the ReportViewer.


Bug Fixes

  • #221308 - Table properties height not updated for selected rows in table issue has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #223052 - Exception raised when using ASP.NET web method for spell check issue has been fixed.