Essential Studio for JavaScript Release Notes

October 25,2018
Starting with version 16.2 (2018 Vol 2), you need to include a valid license key (either paid or trial key) within your applications. Please refer to this help topic for more information



  • #200518 - Provided support to load reports with modified report definition.
  • #209470 – Provided support to use custom code with external assemblies in ReportViewer.
  • #207364 - Provided support to render and export reports with external datasource.
  • #210391, 210055 - Provided complete can grow support using drawing libraries for ASP.NET Core.
  • #203061 - Provided ParameterHelper to create custom parameter in user application.

Bug Fixes

  • #138473 - The header report item overlapping to body content in print preview has been resolved.
  • #210506, 210688 - Now, multiple nested grouping toggle exports properly to Excel when initial toggle state of a parent group is hidden.
  • #198150 - Now, child parameter values are updated properly when multi-valued parent parameter is changed.
  • #210648 - Incorrect resource text of reportviewer toolbar elements has been replaced with correct contents for Pt-BR culture.
  • #206918 - Rendering problem in PDF export when data region report item is used inside a rectangle has been resolved.
  • #209336 - Now, interactive sorting icon renders properly with tablix header when text alignment is right.
  • #213891 - Now, text alignment rendered properly when different border values used for tablix cell.
  • #210055 - Tablix cell content overlapping when text contains line feed elements in print mode has been resolved.