Essential Studio for JavaScript Release Notes

March 29, 2017


Breaking Changes

  • Dropped the JSDELIVR CDN support for Syncfusion JavaScript assets from this release.


Bug Fixes

  • #174140 - Problem with removing duplicates for remote data binding in Autocomplete multiselect visualmode has been resolved.

  • #173309 - Issue with setting height for Autocomplete multiselect visualmode has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #173569 - IF formula which contains the LookUp formula as argument is now working properly.


Bug Fixes

  • #173855, #174250 - Chart is now rendering properly, even if we didn’t specify ID for the chart container element.
  • #173594 - Trackball tooltip is visible now, when we hover on the plot offset region.


Bug Fixes

  • #175379 - The issue “ej-draggable does not allow the element to edit” has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #174715 - Issue while updating the datasource dynamically in Knockout has been fixed.
  • #174824 - Issue while adding a record in empty datasource in Knockout has been fixed.
  • #F129341 - Now the taskbar editing icons will be removed properly on disabling the allowGanttChartEditing property dynamically.
  • #F129223 - Issue while updating the timescale mode in AngularJS has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #173557 - Row Drag and Drop working fine when we drag the second grouped row while on Grouping operation.
  • #173543 - Now, Virtualization grid returns proper selected row index value after calling refreshContentmethod.
  • #172584 - Multi-Row Selection persisted in selected state when we open the Context Menu.
  • #175070,#175094 - Selection working fine while scrolling the record with enableVirtualization.
  • #171096 - When we have multiple grids on same page, new records properly added for both grids while using addRecord method.
  • #173718 - Multiple grid Exporting working fine now.
  • #173669 - Added record displayed properly in grid while using webApiAdaptor with isIdentity property.
  • #174324 - Excel filter dialog shows the proper filtered records after we performed the Searching operation.
  • #175382 - Header Row scrolled perfectly when we enabled allowScrolling property while on resize the browser window.
  • #174334 - Grid selection works fine when we enable Grouping and Scrolling properties.
  • #172850 - string type date column converts into date type when we set initial Grouping.
  • #172907 - In cellEdit and cellSave events, args.value returns proper value when we render the Grid with foreignKey column and batchediting.
  • #172693 - Dragged record visual element displays properly on the splitter when we drag a record from Grid to Splitter.


Bug Fixes

  • #171866 - The DataSource is not refreshed in cascading ListBox with template support issue has been fixed


Bug Fixes

  • #172733 – In form post back, browser auto fill values are not maintained properly issue has been fixed.

  • #175077- Unable to set the MaskEdit textbox value as html tag issue has been fixed.



  • #174054 – Support to send Synchronous and Asynchronous requests to download API is implemented.
  • #172274 - Added support to provide user-defined document names when downloading PDF document displayed in the PDF viewer control.
  • #173425 - FileName is included as an argument in the documentLoad event.

Bug Fixes

  • #173110 - Image in the header of the document is now displayed properly.


Bug fixes

  • #174409, #174963 - “Select All” and “Deselect All” option is available inside Member Editor in slicer axis.
  • #174441 - PivotClient runs properly with RequireJS.


Bug fixes

  • #174744 - Exception occurred while performing drag and drop operation in GroupingBar has been fixed.
  • #174520 - Collapsing members option is working properly in PivotGrid.


Bug Fixes

  • #174237 -Issue with retrieve the child index for nested RadialMenu has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #175615 - showTab method script error is resolved after adding tabs dynamically.


Bug Fixes

  • #165932 - The issue ‘getHtml method returns hidden characters’ has been fixed.
  • #175871 - The issue ‘table resize in RTE doesn’t work when table is inserted using setHtml method’ has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #173536 - The date format in the Schedule header bar will be displayed as per culture format.
  • #173404 - Appointments are saving properly in Korean culture now.


Bug Fixes

  • #173365 - Issue with custom sheet name (contains apostrophe) in name manager is fixed.
  • #173569 - Issue with row misalignment in wrap and merge contained cells on importing is fixed.
  • #173569 - Issue with default chart not rendered for unsupported charts on importing is fixed.
  • #174131 - Provided support for drag fill with formula concatenation.


Bug Fixes

  • #174123 - The issue “Ajax request post call twice when add a item using addItem public method” has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #F129296 – Provided the option to prevent a pasting non-numeric values in textboxes (Numeric, Percentage, Currency).


Bug Fixes

  • #174589,174593,174682 - Warning with Tile theme compilation on linear-gradient issue has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • #173484 - The issue “tooltip beforeOpen event is not triggered in Internet Explorer” has been fixed.