Essential Studio for JavaScript Release Notes

February 28, 2017


Bug Fixes

  • #172400 – IF formula which contains EXACT formula as argument is now working properly.



  • #171047 - Provided option to overwrite the existing currency symbol which is derived from current culture using “currencySymbol” API


Bug Fixes

  • #172907 - The issue “DropDownList ‘getSelectedValue’ method always return string” has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • #F128892, #173642- The “ejFileExplorer” control renders properly in mobile mode without any script error.



  • #170740 – Now it is possible to map the work field from data source by using workMapping property.


Bug Fixes

  • #172148, #172148 - Scroll bar renders perfectly when using filter with frozenColumns.
  • #171455 - Selection of row is retained perfectly after cancelEdit.
  • #172670 - Exporting works fine with Date column as the grouped column.
  • #172977 - The filterBarTemplate reorder properly while reordering the columns.
  • #171545 - updateRecord method updates the record in another page.
  • #171772 - editTemplate updates original value of checkbox while editing a boolean column.
  • #171442 - Bottom border is visible for the last row when isResponsive is enabled.
  • #170447 - Now rowSelected event is added in grid model while refreshing the grid.
  • #170829, #172252 - Grid column and row details are obtained in contextOpen event of grid.
  • #169441 - Delete confirm dialog works fine when delete using unbound column inside DialogTemplate.

Breaking Changes

  • In Grid the excel filter dialog wrapper will be created only after clicking the corresponding column filter icon instead of rendering the filter dialogs during the initial render itself.


Bug Fixes

  • #173056 – Search box watermark text is added in locale text’s.
  • #173055 - Card double click event is triggering when editing set to false.
  • #172228 – Provided option in events to prevent card double click behavior.


Bug Fixes

  • #172261 - Problem with maintaining the selected item on page reload, when grouping and persistence enabled in ListBox have been fixed.
  • #171866 - Issue with setting loadDataOnInit property in ListBox template has been fixed.

PDF Viewer


  • #170781 - documentUnload event is included in ejPdfViewer.

Bug Fixes

  • #172739 - Script error will no longer be thrown when we scroll the PDF document with higher zoom values in the PDF viewer
  • #173194 - The PDF file extension handling in the load() API of PDF Viewer control is moved to the server side.
  • #172739 - No error will be thrown in PDF viewer when FitToWidth mode is given during control initialization.


Bug fixes

  • #172337 - Cursor is not displayed inside DropDownList control now.
  • #172663 - Context menu opens on time while TreeView has huge data in PivotClient.


  • #171119 - Performance constraint in Member Editor paging has been resolved.
  • #172425 - PivotPager has been improved in such a way that column and row pager text can be altered as well as pager will be disabled when page count is equal to 1.
  • #172663 - Member Editor dialog positioning has been changed right below the split button.
  • #172191, #173162 - Provided support to access calculated members from Cube.
  • #166400, #167266 - Shown filter status in split button of Slicer axis in PivotClient.

ejPivotTreeMap Preview

The PivotTreeMap control lets the user to visualize OLAP data in the form of nested nodes in hierarchical order with the ability to drill up and down.


  • #170069 - Support for rendering PivotTreeMap with two measures has been provided.


Bug Fixes

  • #173115- Now RadioButton can be checked when click the RadioButton text.


Bug Fixes

  • #173084, #173085 - Now, Zoom functionalities working properly from dropdown list zoom values.

  • #168984 - Resolved Header text are rendered outside the container area issue in print preview.


Bug Fixes

  • #172837 - Group id parameter is added now to support group text with special character.


Bug Fixes

  • #171918 - Issue with the unwanted actionComplete event has been triggered while using saveAsJSON is fixed.
  • #171943 - Issue with data manager query not maintained properly while scrolling is fixed.
  • #171941 - Issue with clipboard operation not working outside of the Spreadsheet in Mac is fixed.
  • #172855 - Provided client side event for cell types.
  • #171941 - Provided clipboard operation using Command key in Mac and option for paste values only.
  • #170928 - Provided an option for selecting cell behind value in dropdown list cell type automatically.


Bug Fixes

  • #172160 – Issue in exporting cell contents preceded with zeros in excel has been fixed.
  • #172082 – Issue with focusing drop down list on cell editing has been fixed.
  • #171840, #172821 – Exporting issue with parent id value as string has been fixed.
  • #172882 – Now TreeGrid columns can be rendered without mapping the field value.
  • #172821 - Now drag tooltip is removed properly while canceling the row drag action.


Bug Fixes

  • #172766- The “unselectAll” method unselect all the nodes, while enable full row selection support also in TreeView control.