Essential Studio for JavaScript Release Notes

March 4, 2016



  • Bower support to Syncfusion JavaScript widgets was introduced for effective use of JavaScript widgets.


Bug Fixes

  • #150628 - Marker for radar chart is now visible on redraw.


Bug Fixes

  • #150339 - Fixed the exception, while setting “showLabels” to false in scales.


Bug fixes

  • #150568 : Now the task bars color is applied properly when you set the color for a task bar in queryTaskbarInfo event, after disabling the showTaskNames property dynamically.
  • #150396 : Issue in rendering Gantt with self-referential data source while setting predecessorMapping value as null or empty string has been fixed.
  • #150640 : Issue with date calculation while providing date time in 24 hours format has been fixed.
  • #150358 : Issue while rendering Gantt without horizontal scroll bar in chart section has been fixed
  • #150188 : Now in add dialog, options for baseline start date and baseline end date fields will not appear, after disabling the renderBaseline property dynamically.
  • #151189 : Issue with rendering Gantt while disabling showProgressStatus property, has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #150270 - Now ~groupDropArea text will not be selected in firefox when perform keyboard interaction.
  • #151677 - ~detailsTemplate will be render even the ~detailsDataBound property is not set.
  • #148009 - Missing keys has been included in ~ej.localetext.en-US file.
  • #149518 - Grid filters the first value only in suggestion list while performing the custom ~filtering operation to the foreignkey column in ~Excel filter without selecting any of the suggestions issue has been fixed.
  • #151259 - Now, we can define ~stackedHeaderRows and ~queryCellInfo event parameters in TypeScript Grid.
  • #151042,#151507 - Exporting is working fine when we enable the ~stackedHeader in JavaScript Platform.
  • #151220 - Responsive Grid content will not misalign after ~filtering the column.
  • #151041 - ~template column rendering properly when ~ungrouping a column.
  • #150659 - ~scrollSettings.scrollOneStepBy property is working when defining in AngularJS.
  • #150544 - Column ~resize icon implies left border of the table issue has been fixed.
  • #150335 - ~detailsTemplate is compiled in AngularJS.
  • #150335 - ~template column becomes blank upon editing and saving a record issue has been fixed.
  • #150149 - Now in window resizing the header cell value is not encoded.
  • #150268 - Now, grid focus is maintain in IE.
  • #151680 - Date ~format issue has been fixed.

Breaking Changes

  • In ejGrid, the properties templateID and isUnbound has been deprecated.



  • Support for navigating to web links is added to the PDF viewer.



  • #146109 - Defaults settings has been provided commonly to the button controls.

Breaking change

  • allowResizing property has been deprecated, instead isResponsive property has been introduced


Bug Fixes

  • #150110 - Issue with Scheduler work area not clipped properly, while printing in month view has been fixed.
  • #150680 - Appointments and tooltip are rendering properly now with Italian culture.
  • #150468 - Performance is enhanced, while resizing the schedule.
  • #150467 - Appointments are rendering correctly with equal spaces between them.
  • #150305, #150306 - Appointments are rendering properly when created with monthly recurrence series.


Bug Fixes

  • #150334 - Issue with edited cell values update in rangeSettings data source is fixed.
  • #150238 - Issue with conditional formatting in empty cell is fixed.
  • #150238 - Provided support for conditional formatting with formulas.
  • #150334 - Provided support for enable/disable ribbon items option in Spreadsheet.
  • #150214, #150699 - Provided support for custom formulas in Spreadsheet.