Essential Studio JavaScript Release Notes

February 12, 2016


Bug Fixes

  • #148898 - New public method “setValue” has been provided to add the custom text in the AutoComplete control


Bug Fixes

  • #150616 - Doughnut chart is now rendering properly for single point.
  • #149923 - Tooltip will work even while panning is enabled.
  • #148420, #149816 - axesLabelRendering event is now working properly.
  • #149936 - dataLabel text, now working properly when changing the axis range through set model.
  • #149756 - pointRegionClick event will not trigger when clicking the reset button.


Bug Fixes

  • #148764 - Now the values entered using keyboard also gets bind with DatePicker AngularJS model value


Bug fixes

  • #150437 - Issue with exporting the flowchart process shape is fixed.
  • #149903 - Issue with multiple selection in swimlane after saving the diagram is fixed.
  • #149450 - Exporting diagram as an image is working properly in safari browser now.
  • #150211,#150355,#150382,#150436,#150424,#150430,#150456,#150550,#150673 - Alternate solution for depreciated SVGPathSeg property in chrome browser has been implemented.


  • #148880 - Support to set the relative/absolute position for the port has been implemented.
  • #149275 - Support to draw polygon points dynamically using polygon tool has been implemented.


Bug Fixes

  • #149250 - Now selected value is updated to the DropDownList when the item’s text is given as ‘true’.

  • #149506 – An item with ‘0’ value can be selected through the keyboard action in the DropDownList.



  • #149724 - Now you can provide any custom color for milestones.
  • #150068 - Now in queryTaskbarInfo event, new event arguments have been implemented to provide support for taskbar border color, parent taskbar border color, progress bar border color, parent progress bar border color, baseline color and taskbar foreground color.

Bug fixes

  • #149895 - Issue with day header format in week schedule mode has been fixed, now we can provide any standard day header format.
  • #149731 - Issue with calculating incorrect end date for taskbars while setting holidays has been fixed.
  • #149885 - Issue in rendering task names along with taskbars, when schedule start date is greater than taskbar start date, has been fixed.
  • #149441 - Overlapping issue with longer task names with taskbars and resource names has been fixed.
  • #149154 - Issue when providing datetime for taskbars with seconds in hour-minute schedule mode has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #147467 -Column width is not support with string value in frozen Columns.
  • #147467 - args.column is undefined in resized event when using frozen columns.
  • #147977 - Two postback occurs while using excel filtering with virtualScroll and UrlAdaptor.
  • #148009 - Provide localization support for SelectAll, Blanks, Show rows where, enter value and Search labels in ~excel filtering .
  • #148197 - Provide default support to prevent empty rows being saved when add a new record.
  • #148264 - addToPersist method helps to add/remove the grid model properties on persist state.
  • #148500 - menu filter operator is not maintained for foreign key column.
  • #148565 - while using the detailTemplate, args.cell returns incorrectly in recordClick event.
  • #148600 - AngularJS columnTemplate is not compiled after Searching.
  • #148848 - Script error throws in frozen columns with empty datasource.
  • #149147 - PagerOptions.customText not included in TypeScript.
  • #149147 - Script error thrown when refreshing Pager with pageCount as zero.
  • #149193 - Need to provide support to wrap grid header and content text separately.
  • #149237 - Provide support to binding a option foreignKey dataSource(combined text and value pair)for dropdown list in ejForeignKeyAdaptor .
  • #149276, #149505- provided support to update foreign key column using setCellValue Method.
  • #149455 - Boolean columns is not working fine in data table binding.
  • #149525 - In ejGrid summaryRows to hide in grouped columns through showGroupSummary property to set as false.
  • #149586 - Child Grid is automatically rendered even the queryString does not properly match in parent Grid’s columns.
  • #149730- When applied editing operation in ejGrid, the DropDown element is not is not focused in edit form.
  • #149742 - Filtering is not working while pass the date as string format.
  • #149817, #150335- columnTemplate is not rendered properly when binding the remote datasource in AngularJS ejGrid.
  • #149837 - Didn’t convert headerText as HTMLEncode format while reordering columns in ejGrid.
  • #149892 - Hierarchy query with complex data is not working in DataManager.
  • #149900 - foreignkeyColumn does not filter duplicate value even foreign Key field as match.
  • #149900, #150838- The localization is not applied properly in Excel filter suggestion list.
  • #149929 - Alert dialog not rendered when enable frozen columns and virtual Scrolling feature in ejGrid.
  • #150009 - When click column chooser button continuously, the column chooser popup is automatically closed in Internet Explorer browser.
  • #150016 - Summary Value has not been recalculated when using updateRecord method in ejGrid.
  • #150913- Scroller is not refreshed when displayed only one column in ejGrid.

Breaking Changes

  • In ejGrid, now the empty row will be prevented from saving and internal validation message will be thrown. At least one value must be provided to save the record.


Bug Fixes

  • #149721 - Now script error will not throw, while navigating through the list of items, after drag and dropped the items in ListBox

  • #150162 - Now ListBox height also get change dynamically based on the parent element height in a responsive mode

  • #150384 - New public method “removeAll” has been provided to remove all the list of items in ListBox

  • #149583 - Now virtual scrolling is working properly in ListBox with local binding


Bug Fixes

  • #150323, #150760, #149870 - Mask format is not shown on page load issue is now resolved


Bug Fixes

  • #149984 - Now the ContextMenu get display properly with the ‘ejSpreadSheet’ control

  • #150023 - Now Sub menu click action working properly


Bug fixes

  • #148491 - Checked state is not maintained properly for user-defined hierarchy in Mondrian Cube has been fixed.


Bug fixes

  • #149669 - PivotGrid expander was not working for unique name having “.” symbol has been fixed.
  • #150037 - Support to include negative numbers for filtering through Conditional Formatting dialog has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #149577 - Now Rating control tooltip will get hide in “read-only” mode



  • #149050 - Tooltip support provided for expand/collapse button.
  • #149979 - Localization support provided for Ribbon.


Bug fixes

  • #150401- Able to move the cursor to the new line (below) after inserting a table in Firefox when the table is inserted as the last element.


Bug Fixes

  • #150478 - When the appointment is clicked/dragged, tooltip is hiding properly.
  • #149431 - Dates are populating correctly in edit appointment window.
  • #149296 - The custom date range is rendering correctly based on the current date.
  • #149296 - Cell width property is working properly in Custom view.


Bug Fixes

  • #149881 – “maxSize” property is now working properly in Splitter control


Bug Fixes

  • #149984 - Issue with the control collapse while switching sheets is fixed.
  • #149984 - Issue with Ctrl + A select and deselect is fixed.
  • #149984 - Issue with import in FIFA Template sample is fixed.
  • #149984 - Issue with filter applied for a single column instead of a range is fixed.
  • #149944 - Provided support for Spreadsheet column row style formatting.
  • #149944 - Provided support for Spreadsheet export in JSON format.


Bug Fixes

  • #149093 - Now text labels are showing properly inside the Tab control


Bug Fixes

  • #149083,#149790 - “fileSelect” event triggers properly during drag and drop in Uploadbox.

Predictive Analytics


  • Added support for PMML files generated by SAS for the following models:

  • Association Rules
  • Clustering model
  • Neural network model
  • Regression model
  • Tree model

  • Added support to provide input data as “ExpandoObject” and “Dictionary” object in GetResult() method.

  • Added support to provide input PMML file as “TextReader” object for PMML Evaluator.

  • Added support to perform PMML Schema validation on input PMML.

  • Tree model result returns “Predicted node” and “path” ID with predicted result.

  • Association rules model result returns “Confidence” value.