Essential Studio for JavaScript Release Notes

July 8, 2015



  • Chart now supports Trendline for series.
  • Provided support for exporting chart to excel.
  • Provided support for series highlight and selection.
  • Chart now trims the data labels in accumulation series when it exceeds the chart area.

Bug fixes

  • #140279 - Console error is no more thrown while zooming range column.
  • #137151 - Tooltip is not localized when it is placed along with listbox is fixed.
  • #137393 - PrimaryYAxis labels of polar series is now hiding when we set visibility of the axis to false.
  • #118778 - Exception when setting same start and end date of the axis is fixed.
  • #137809 - Margin for Datalabel is now working for bar series.
  • #137912 - Browser crashing issue when clicking legend of pie series has been fixed.
  • #137993 - Margin for pie series will now work properly.
  • #135793 - Tooltip for range area chart series is now working properly.
  • #135935 - Issue with Range area chart rendering wrongly when the last point is empty has been fixed.
  • #138316 - Now ‘tooltip’ class from the styles will not be removed while hovering on chart data.
  • #140255 - LabelIntersectionAction hide is now working properly.
  • #138865 - Polar chart wrongly rendering issue while setting Y-value as ‘0’ has been fixed.
  • #138803 - Series is now visible when setting data source in commonSeriesOptions in angular support.
  • #138803 - Axis range settings are now working in angular support.
  • #138803 - Annotations are now working in angular support.
  • #138803 - Indicators are now working in angular support.
  • #137810 - Axis Title in IE8 is not overlapping with chart now.

Breaking changes

  • exportChart’ method has been deprecated and instead use ‘export’ method to export the chart.

  • Now series animation will not occur every-time while updating a property or redrawing a chart. To animate the series while updating a property simply call animate() method instead of redraw().



  • #139207-Support to revert and restore the custom actions is added.
  • #127962-Support to modify/disable existing commands and to define new commands is added.
  • #126648-Support to drag and drop elements only on allowable region is added.
  • #126648-Connection can be established when a node is dropped on a connector.
  • #135069, #135167-Click event support for symbol palette is added.
  • #138207-Preview/drop size support for individual palette item is added.
  • Justified text alignment support is added

Bug fixes

  • #139846-Issues in the events are fixed.
  • #139476-Group children are now updated while loading inside swimlane.
  • #139207-undo redo functionality for swimlane is resolved.

Breaking changes

  • diagram.selectionList will be updated only after selection change event is fired. So use args.selectedItems instead of diagram.selectionList in selection change event.


Bug fixes

  • #139164 - Content is now displayed in Dialog when position absolute is set for elements inside it.
  • #139837 - Column chooser dialog is now displayed correctly when button click is performed second time.


Bug fixes

  • #138118 - File Explorer- Message content in Dialog is now displayed correctly.
  • #138118 - File Explorer- RTL format is now in proper way for status bar and appears with correct alignment.
  • #140083 - File Explorer- issue in localizing the type of the node is now fixed.
  • #140083 - Issue in download alert, filename must also support in middle part has been fixed.
  • #140104 - The FileExplorer now renders when you disable the showFooter property initially.
  • #140083 - The FileExplorer - If deleting a folder is not successful, then a General error message is now provided with detailed information.
  • #140106 - beforeOpen event is now provided for FileExplorer.
  • #140101 - The FileExplorer - Henceforth, no wrong errors will be displayed while renaming files.
  • #140099 - The FileExplorer - Support is now provided to post back the corresponding item details (Id) to the server.
  • #140083 - The FileExplorer - FilterType in FilterSettings property of fileexplorer is now working properly.



  • Now an additional argument columnIndex is included in contextMenuOpen event arguments for fetching column details.

Bug fixes

  • #139743 - Issue in localization support for Gantt Add dialog predecessor table text has been fixed.
  • #138630 - Issue while setting datasource null value via setModel has been fixed.
  • #138630 - Now updating toolbar with empty datasource in Gantt works fine.
  • #137651 - Now sorting numeric and date object Gantt columns works fine.

Breaking changes

  • startDate and endDate attribute of every client side event argument data is changed from string to date objects.
  • In actionComplete client side event argument ‘_cAddedRecord’ has been deprecated and an argument ‘addedRecord’ is included for requestType attribute save.
  • In actionComplete client side event argument ‘_cModifiedData’ has been deprecated and an argument ‘modifiedRecord’ is included for requestType attribute save.


Bug fixes

  • #142797- Disabled attribute added for all form elements.

  • #140275,#140142 - In AngularJS, form validation support is now added to our tools components.

  • #144272 - Issue in the control creation is resolved.

Breaking changes

  • Click here, to know about the list of API’s removed or modified in the vol-3 release.


Bug fixes

  • #143420 - Validation message scrolls along with grid scroller.

  • #142895 - Script error does not occur in IE9 now when filtering enabled for date column.

  • #143003 - Filter icon issue with column reordering has been fixed.

  • #143823 - Excel filter - Comma in ~dataSource does not truncate the value now.

  • #142718,#142798 - ~MaxLength and ~MinLength property works fine in AngularJS.

  • #143140 - Script error is not thrown now when the response in light format in OData adaptor.

  • #141802 - Wrong data is not returned now in ~getSelectedRecords method while using ~virtualScrolling

  • #142549 - ~args.cancel is now working fine in the resizeEnd event.

  • #142535 - Column details are now included in column template.

  • #142470 - ODataV4Adaptor not included in TypeScript issue is now resolved.

  • #143464 - Searching works as expected.

  • #142103 - Reordering works fine now.

  • #141796 - ~e-headercellfilter is now removed.

  • #141857 - Records are not removed now when we set the ~allowDeleting as false in the Batch Editing.

  • #141855,#142896 - ~getSelectedRecords does not return empty result when shift selection is done in a reverse order.

  • #141464 - when scrolling up and down, the grid does not break now.

  • #141556 - Selected data is obtained correctly after refreshing the dataSource.

  • #141429 - TextWrap issue with ~frozenColumn is fixed.

  • #141475 - Horizontal scroll bar misbehaves after Grid actions in RTL, issue is now resolved.

  • #141348 - Issue in the Grid rowSelected event getting wrong value in a virtual scrolling after sorting the column is fixed.

  • #141205,#142346 - Content getting scrolled with mouse pointer after expanding and collapsing in grid is resolved.

  • #141206 - FilterIcon issue with column Resizing is fixed now

  • #140916 - ~clearFiltering function for Grid filtering is provided.

  • #140817 - Filtering now works properly after clearing the filter and filtering using the Search box.

  • #140679 - No longer throws script error when validation is set for the complex data.

  • #140780 - Script error no longer throws when ~groupedColumns specified initially with allowGrouping as false.

  • #140150 - Grid content is misaligned after resizing and grouping issue is resolved.

  • #141475,#143151 - Issue in the Visibility of Grid column data when scrolling the horizontal scroll bar is fixed.

  • #140474 - Scroller is reset to the top position while using ~hideColumns or ~showColumns method issue is resolved.

  • #140474 - Hiding columns issue using field is resolved

  • #140369 - ~columnChooser label issue in two different Grid with same header text is now resolved.

  • #140194 - Misalignment issue in Grid inside a tab while using the ~allowScrolling is resolved.

  • #140290 - Responsive Grid Misalignment issue with ~dataSource update is resolved.

  • #140223 - Closing the filter dialog while horizontal scrolling issue is fixed now.

  • #140210,#142338 - ejScroller horizontal scrolling is now working properly with the track pad.

  • #140178 - Misalignment issue while grouping the column which has ~width in percentage is resolved.

  • #140076 - Selection now works properly after filter applied with ~virtualScrolling enabled.

  • #140026 - editTemplate write function now maintains the new value instead the original value.

  • #139932 - Templates is now refreshed in AngularJS Grid after performing Grid actions.

  • #139701 - Grouping does not misbehaves while group and Ungroup the column with same header text.

  • #136717 - Filter icon on last column is hidden while binding data by using setModel function issue has been fixed.

  • #140170 - Checkbox is rendered after setting ~locale to the grid.

Breaking changes

  • The API searchFields has been renamed to fields and searchKey has been renamed to key


Bug fixes

  • #143926- Able to focus on text box created using template option inside the ListBox now.

  • #143188- Refresh method in ListBox to refresh the height has been added.

  • #143188- ListBox is responsive when more than one is open.

  • #143002, #143215 - “getSelectedItems” does not return wrong values now, when multiple values are selected using shift key.

  • #141187 - Public methods “addItem”, “removeItem” are working properly in the ListBox control

  • #141045,#142166 – Public method “getSelectedItems” is now working properly when the selected items are changed programmatically.

  • #140337 - Client side events “dragStart” and “dragDrop” now triggers properly when you keep the ListBox inside the bootstrap side bar menu.

  • #143062- Remove node method now refreshes scroll bar height based on current items.

  • #142712- “CssClass” property value is now applied in the ListBox control by override the default style.

  • #142009 - Selection maintenance is fixed now.

  • #141696 - Provided incremental search option that allows navigating to the corresponding item based on the character typed.


Bug fixes

  • #142370 - cssClass API is now working properly in the ListView control.


  • #141696 - Provided incremental search option that allows navigating to the corresponding item based on the character typed.



  • #143332- Provided support for get the coordinates of the Map

  • #143479- Provided support for Select the map shapes using drag and drop

Bug fixes

  • #143235 – Center position not working for OSM issue has been fixed


Bug fixes

  • #141372 - MaskEdit is now working in AngularJS while specifying the “maskFormat” without any special characters.
  • #141767 - Now, it is possible to insert Menu item when Menu is empty.


Bug fixes

  • #141743 - allowPaging enabled Grid now does not throw console error while there is no data in it.

  • #140624 - enablePersistence now works properly on Grid with remote data binding.

OLAP Chart


  • #132818- 3D visualization of OlapChart is supported now.

Bug fixes

  • #142937- Exporting OLAPChart with large number of legends does not hide the chart.

OLAP Client


  • Support to view MDX query in dialog has been provided.

  • Auto Execute support has been provided.

  • Toggle Axis support has been provided.

Bug fixes

  • #144026- Exporting works properly.

  • #143227- CubeSelector selects current cube value on initial loading.



  • #141759,#142897- Defer Update support has been provided.

  • Relational datasource bound to PivotGrid can be exported to Word, PDF and Excel documents.

Bug fixes

  • #142664- Exporting is now working with NoSummaries layout.

Predictive Analytics


  • PMML stands for Predictive Model Markup Language. It is an XML-based file format developed by the Data Mining Group to provide a way for applications to describe and exchange models produced by data mining and machine learning algorithms. The Syncfusion PMML Execution engine directly score (interpret) the models based on PMML against inputs and provide output values. Important features of PMML Execution Engine are as follows.

  • Score inputs and provide output values.The results will match results obtained from R.Predicts both classification (Categorical values) as well as regression (Numeric values).Calculates the probability of prediction in case of categorical output.


Breaking changes

  • Data type of LabelPlacement property in HigherLevel and LowerLevel Label setting has been changed from from string to RangeNavigatorLabelPlacement Enum.

  • Data type of ValueType property has been changed from string to RangeNavigatorValueType Enum.

  • Data type of RangePadding property has been changed from string to RangePadding Enum.


Bug fixes

  • #143033 - Dependent dataset now works fine.

  • #142248 - Drill down expand/Collapse now works fine.

  • #F120275 - Background color and images are rendered while printing in Chrome Browser.

  • #144207 - Chart does not throw exception when placed inside group items.


Breaking changes

  • backStagePage dependent properties has been modified as backstageSettings

  • applicationTab Type property modified into type with enum data as ‘menu’ and ‘backstage’

  • itemID property has been modified as menuItemID to bind the application menu.

  • Client side events prefix ‘on’ is removed - backstageItemClick, galleryItemClick, tabAdd, tabClick, tabCreate, tabRemove, tabSelect, toggleButtonClick



  • Word count option is added in RTE footer that displays the number of words present in RTE content.

  • Default focus is provided in initial render.

  • An option is provided to retrieve the encoded content from RTE.

  • Automatic height adjust option is provided such that, when you type/paste large contents, it increases the height automatically based on the content instead of scrollers.

  • Paste/Replace the content option is provided that helps in pasting the content at current cursor position/selection.

  • Support provided to get current RTE’s iframe document.

  • Support provided to get range object from RTE.

  • Support provided to select the particular range of contents and also all the contents in RTE.

  • Support provided to view the RTE in full screen.

Breaking changes

  • enableToolbarItem, disableToolbarItem, removeToolbarItem public method’s arguments are changed. Instead of passing controlID+Tool as argument, you can directly pass the Tool itself.

  • Previously, showWordCont displays the number of characters in RTE. Now, it displays the number of words present in RTE.

  • Default value of the showHtmlSource property is changed to false.

  • Default value of the showClearAll property is changed to false.

  • iframeAttribute property is renamed to iframeAttributes. Now we can apply any kind of attributes to the iframe’s body element using this .

Bug fixes

  • #142770 - Can get RTE Value in form post.

  • #140874 - Disable is now working properly if disabled before rte gets refreshed.

  • #143771 - While using the RichTextEditor as a directive, the contents of the dropdown menu is now styled.

  • #143082 - While copy paste the content in RTE, src attribute is not generated twice in img tag.



  • The Agenda View feature allows you to display the list of appointments in a grid-like view, categorized based on the dates and resources levels.

  • Tooltip feature allows you to display the schedule appointments details on appointment mouse over. It can be customized using template.

  • First day of the week feature allows the Scheduler to modify the first day of the week and the workweek. In week view and workweek view, the next consecutive seven or five days from the specified start day are displayed on the Scheduler respectively.

  • The Workweek feature allows the user to customize the display of working days with the set of user-defined day’s collection.

  • The user is allowed to provide any kind of data type values to the id field of the Scheduler appointments. The GUID has been generated internally for each scheduler appointment.

Bug fixes

  • #143457- Time is shown properly now in create window of horizontal custom view scheduler.

  • #142876- Appointment details are now displayed in the beforeContextMenuOpen event.

  • #142813- Drag and drop now works properly while applying the bootstrap CSS.

  • #142689- An All day appointment can now be dragged into a normal appointment.

  • #142778- Cell misalignment does not occur now when we give lengthier name for resources.

  • #142763- Script error is not thrown now when you drag and drop the appointment.

  • #142689- Support provided for the appointment preview while dragging.

  • #142689- Recurrence delete is not completely different now.

  • #142689- Days of the week in Vietnamese is right.

  • #142689- Casing is proper in repeat appointment window and margin is set to full window.

  • #142689- Setting end date for recurrence before begin date is not allowed.

  • #142689- The delete dialog confirmation window works fine.

  • #142689- Casing is fine in quick appointment edit window.

  • #142689- Able to drag and drop small appointment.

  • #142492- Current Time Indicator’s alignment issue has been fixed, while rendering with multiple resources.

  • #142380 - Delete icon will now be displayed if you set enableAppointmentResize as false.

  • #142380 - Doesn’t print full Scheduler it prints only part issue is resolved.

  • #142380 - Data is refreshed at the time of appointment creation.

  • #142506, #142771 - Support provided to accept any data type to Id field.

  • #142380 - Custom window opens when we set showQuickWindow false.

  • #141631 - Appointment data binds while calling the web service by using the URL.

  • #141786 - Cell misalignment issue in horizontal day view is resolved.

  • #F119993 - Drag and drop now works properly in horizontal resource grouping.

  • #143630 - Categorize settings can be set in URL dataSource.


Bug fixes

  • #140014 – Scrollbar’s setting of incorrect width to its content when the width is specified in percentage has been resolved.

  • #140328 - Scrollbar now takes 100% height.

  • #140210,#142338 – Scrollbar horizontal scrolling is now working properly with the track pad.

  • #139616- Scrollbar works fast in Windows Phone now.


Bug fixes

  • #140698 - Client side event “select” now trigger properly, when you use same “targetID” for multiple SplitButton.


Bug fixes

  • #144604 - Splitter icons are changed.



  • The Spreadsheet control for JavaScript is a Microsoft Excel-like spreadsheet component for the web. It provides an editing experience that is very similar to that of Excel, and is able to import and export Excel workbook files.


Bug fixes

  • #141184 - In TimePicker control, issue with AngularJS support sample unable to type minutes value 33 initially is resolved.

  • #140142 - TimePicker now works properly when you specify the date in JSON notation.

  • #129953 - The value in the TimePicker is selected in the popup at the initial rendering.

  • #141184- TimePicker minutes is not updated properly in two way binding support.


Bug fixes

  • #142883 - Issue with FileExplorer control having some initial misalignment, when you render FileExplorer inside the Dialog with responsive support and hidden state has been now resolved.

  • #144594 - In Toolbar, misalignment when double clicking any Toolbar item is resolved.



  • #136135, #140688, #142336 - Support for exporting TreeGrid in PDF has been provided.

  • #142676 - Client side event for toolbar click event has been implemented.

Bug fixes

  • #141001 - Issue while providing menuId value as numeric for custom context menu has been fixed.

  • #141688 - Cell editing issue without edit icon in toolbar has been fixed.

  • #142457 - Issue in refreshing a row which is not in view in virtualization mode has been fixed.

  • #142491 - Issue with TreeGrid scrollbar visibility while zooming the browser has been fixed.

  • #142334 - Issue with row drag and drop tooltip while rendering multiple TreeGrid has been fixed.

  • #143611 - Row placement issue with mouse right click after performing row drag and drop operation, has been fixed.

  • #143498 - Issue in tab key press navigation on editing disabled cell has been fixed.

  • #143498 - Issue in focusing a cell after editing, in Internet Explorer 8 browser, has been fixed.

  • #141009, #143757 - Issue in row drag and drop with self-referential datasource has been fixed.

  • #141379, #142449 - Issue while hiding template column in virtualization mode has been fixed.

  • #142449 - Issue while hiding template column in virtualization mode is resolved.

Breaking changes

  • Moved the filterBarMode property within filterSettings property.

  • filterEditType property has been deprecated, and now the filterEditType property derives value from editType property in the column object.


Bug fixes

  • #143463- “expandNode” method now works fine with “loadOnDemand” option.

  • #142806- Able to form the TreeView from a single remote URL now.

  • #139047 - TreeView code crash does not occur.

  • #142190 - The parent node is now the target element issue while an element is dropped before its first sibling is resolved.

  • #141390 - Keypress event is now triggered while pressing the delete key.

  • #143463- expandNode method now works fine with loadOnDemand option.

  • #142806- Able to form the TreeView from a single remote URL now.

  • #143248, #143250 - TreeView parent node’s checked/unchecked state is based on the state of the child nodes on control initialization.

  • #142081,#143134 - TreeView provides option to insert node in between by using the “insertBefore”,” insertAfter” methods.

  • #124441 - Controls the expand of nodes whether it allows single or multiple expansion of nodes by using the “enableMultipleExpand” property

  • #118757, #131194 - Provided support to ensure visibility of the tree nodes by using the “ensureVisible()” method.


  • #143248, #143250 - TreeView parent node’s checked/unchecked state is based on the state of the child nodes on control initialization.

  • #142081,#143134 - TreeView provides option to insert node in between by using the “insertBefore”,” insertAfter” methods.

  • #124441 - Controls the expand of nodes whether it allows single or multiple expansion of nodes by using the “enableMultipleExpand” property.

  • #118757, #131194 - Provided support to ensure visibility of the tree nodes by using the “ensureVisible()” method.

Breaking changes

  • # 142197 - Previously, the TreeView persisted the nodes collection based on the tree nodes index, now it is modified based on “id” of the nodes.

  • Previous node processing methods accepted arguments as a string with the hashtag (“#”) symbol. Now it has been optimized where the string is passed only in the arguments. For example, the collapse node syntax was collapseNode(“#node1”) before; now the syntax has been modified as collapseNode(“node1”) (or) collapseNode($(“#node1”)).


Breaking changes

  • ‘dragAreaText’ property name is changed to ‘dropAreaText’.

  • ‘multipleFilesSelection’ property default value - false is changed to true.

  • In fileSelect event selected files will be available in ‘argument.files’.

Bug fixes

  • #141095 - Issue with Error message for file type not allowed, is not formatted or presented properly is now resolved.


Bug fixes

  • #141798 - Alignment issue with WaitingPopUp is resolved now.