Write Back in JQuery PivotGrid widget

13 Feb 20191 minute to read


This feature is applicable only for the OLAP datasource at server mode.

You can edit the values in the PivotGrid and update a write enabled cube in the back-end (SSAS) dynamically at runtime.


Write-back is only supported for measures that use the SUM aggregation.

  • JS
  • $(function() {
            enableCellEditing : true
  • C#
  • public Dictionary < string, object > WriteBack(string action, string value, string rowUniqueName, string columnUniqueName, string currentReport) {
        OlapDataManager DataManager = new OlapDataManager(connectionString);
        return htmlHelper.GetJsonData(action, DataManager, value, rowUniqueName, columnUniqueName);

    Write-back support in JavaScript pivot grid control