Ticks in JQuery PivotGauge widget

24 May 20192 minutes to read

Adding tick collection

The tick collection can be directly added to the scales option within the pivot gauge widget as an array.

  • javascript
  • Tick customization

    The appearance of the tick can be customized through the following properties:

    • type – indicates whether ticks are provided for major or minor intervals. By default, the type is major.
    • height – sets the height of the ticks.
    • width – sets the width of the ticks.
    • angle – rotates the ticks to a specified angle. By default, the angle value is 0.
    • color – displays the ticks in a specified color.
    • distanceFromScale – sets the distance between the scale and ticks. By default, the values is 0.
    • placement – positions the ticks with respect to the scale. By default, the value is set to far.
  • javascript
  • $("#PivotGauge1").ejPivotGauge({
            scales: [{
                ticks: [{
                    type: "major",
                    height: 15,
                    width: 4,
                    angle: 0,
                    color: "green",
                    distanceFromScale: 2,
                    placement: "near"

    Ticks in JavaScript pivot gauge control