Grid Dependencies

18 Nov 20171 minute to read

The ej.web.all.js is a bundle of all EssentialJavaScript controls. If you use ej.web.all.js in your application, you can leave this section or else you can try to render ejgrid in your application using ej.grid.min.js file. You can refer to the following frameworks and controls in your project.

Grid Dependency

File Description/Usage
ej.core.min.js Must be referred always before using all the JS controls. Used to handle `dataManager` operation and should be used while binding data to JS controls.
ej.grid.min.js Should be referred when using Grid control.
ej.pager.min.js Should be referred when using paging in grid.
ej.scroller.min.js Should be referred when using scrolling in grid.
ej.waitingpopup.min.js Should be referred when using the remote data binding in grid. The waiting popup will show while requesting the server for data.
ej.gridresize.min.js Need to refer when using the resizing feature in grid.
ej.dropdownlist.min.js These files are used while enable Editing and Filtering feature in grid.