UML Activity Shapes

UML activity Shapes used to draw a behavior diagram which shows flow of control or object flow with emphasis on the sequence and conditions of the flow.
These diagrams are useful for analyzing a use case by describing what actions need to take place and when they should occur, describing a complicates sequential algorithm and modeling applications with parallel processes.

To create a UMLActivity shape, the “type” of the node should be set as “UMLActivity” and its “shape” should be set as any one of the built-in shape.
The following code example illustrates how to create a simple behavior diagram.

  • $("#diagram").ejDiagram({
    	width: "100%",
    	height: "100%",
    	pageSettings: {
    		scrollLimit: "diagram"
    	nodes: [{
    		name: "initialNode",
    		offsetX: 100,
    		offsetY: 100,
            width: 80, 
            height: 50,
            //Sets type of shape
             type: "umlactivity",
             //Sets the activity shape as initial node
             shape: ej.datavisualization.Diagram.UMLActivityShapes.InitialNode,

    UML Activity Shape

    The list of flow shapes are as follows.

    List of available UML Activity Shapes