Installing Syncfusion PowerPoint Mac installer

12 Jan 20242 minutes to read

Steps to resolve the warning message in Catalina OS or later

While running Essential Studio PowerPoint Mac Installers on Catalina MacOS or later, the below alert will be displayed.

Alert Image

If you receive this alert, follow the below steps for the easiest solution.

  1. Right-click the downloaded pkg file.
  2. Select the “Open With” option and choose “Installer (Default)”. The following pop-up appears.

    pop-up Image

  3. When you click “Open” the installer window will be opened.

Step-by-Step Installation

The steps below show how to install Essential Studio PowerPoint Mac installer.

  1. Open the Syncfusion Essential Studio PowerPoint Mac installer(.pkg) file. The installer Wizard opens. Click Continue.

    Welcome wizard

  2. The Software License Agreement wizard will appear. Click the Continue button.

    License Agreement

  3. The License Agreement’s Confirmation window will appear. If you have read the Software License Agreement, click Agree.

    License Agree Confirmation


    The Unlock key is not required to install the Essential Studio PowerPoint Mac installer.

  4. The Destination select wizard will appear. You can choose which disc to install the Syncfusion Essential Studio PowerPoint Mac installer on here.


  5. The Installation Type wizard will appear. Click Install to begin the standard installation of the Syncfusion Essential Studio PowerPoint Mac installer.

    Install Location

  6. The Authentication window will appear. To begin the installation, enter the Mac machine’s passPowerPoint and click Install Software.


  7. The installation process will begin on your machine.

    Installation progress

  8. Once the installation is complete, the completed screen will be displayed. To exit the installation wizard, click Close.

    Installation Completed

    By default, Mac installer will install the files in following location.

    Location: {Documents}/Syncfusion/{version}/PowerPoint

    Installed Location

License key registration in samples

After the installation, the license key is required to register the demo source that is included in the Mac installer. To learn about the steps for license registration for the ASP.NET Core - EJ2 samples in the Essential Studio PowerPoint Mac installer, please refer to this.

  • Register the license key in the Program.cs file if you created the ASP.NET Core web application with Visual Studio 2022 and .NET 6.0.
  • Register the license key in Configure method of Startup.cs