Convert PowerPoint Presentation to PDF in Amazon Web Services (AWS)

9 May 20241 minute to read

Syncfusion PowerPoint is a .NET Core PowerPoint library used to create, read, edit and convert PowerPoint documents programmatically without Microsoft PowerPoint or interop dependencies. Using this library, you can convert a PowerPoint Presentation to PDF in Amazon Web Services (AWS) within a few lines of code.


If this is your first time working with Amazon Web Services (AWS), please refer to the dedicated AWS resources. This section explains how to convert PowerPoint Presentation to PDF in C# using the .NET Core PowerPoint library (Presentation) in AWS.


  • An active Amazon Web Services (AWS) account is required. If you don’t have one, please create an account before starting.

  • Download and install the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio, you can download the AWS toolkit from this link. The Toolkit can be installed from Tools/Extension and updates options in Visual Studio.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS)
NuGet package name

AWS Lambda


SkiaSharp.NativeAssets.Linux v2.88.6

HarfBuzzSharp.NativeAssets.Linux v7.3.0

AWS Elastic Beanstalk


SkiaSharp.NativeAssets.Linux.NoDependencies v2.88.6