Syncfusion NuGet Package Licensing

27 Apr 2020 / 1 minute to read

Syncfusion provides the license per developer licensing model. Each license is for a single named user. Also, Syncfusion doesn’t require separate license for any servers. So, if you have license for each developer it is not necessary to do license key registration to use the Syncfusion NuGet packages.

While using Syncfusion NuGet package of version that is prior to, you need to register for the Syncfusion license for development purpose. The following steps guide you as to how to register for the Syncfusion license.

  1. Download the Syncfusion License Register tool and extract the file.
  2. Open the Command Prompt with administrator privileges.
  3. Navigate to the root location of the extracted downloaded, Syncfusion license.
  4. Run the following command to register the Unlock key.

    Synckeynoui.exe “Unlock key”


    You should provide the unlock key which is started with “@” and ended with “=” as a parameter for this Syncfusion License tool.

    Command for register the Syncfusion Unlock key