24 Nov 20171 minute to read

The Essential JavaScript Slider provides support to select a value from a particular range as well as selects a range value. The Slider has a sliding base on which the handles are moved. There are three types of Slider such as default Slider, min-range Slider and range Slider.

Key Features

  • Orientation — Slider control is displayed in horizontal or vertical direction.
  • Animation — Supports for handle movement with animation.
  • Tooltip — Supports to display a tooltip to display the currently selected value.
  • Range Slider — Supports to select a range of values.
  • Scale — Supports to display a scale with small and big ticks.
  • Persist — Supports for state maintenance while refreshing a page.
  • Customizable — Easily customizable.
  • RTL Support — Sets the alignment to the right, the reading order to right-to-left and the layout of the control to flow from right to left.
  • Theme - Essential JavaScript controls consist of 17 built-in themes (6 – flat, 6 – gradient, bootstrap , high - contrast 1 & 2, material, office -365 effects).