21 Nov 20171 minute to read

Schedule is an event calendar that manages the list of various activities (events/appointments) in different available views (day, week, workweek, month and agenda) for various resources. It is mainly for tracking the user appointments and allows them to create a new or edit/delete the older ones. Almost all the features in JS Scheduler are applicable to Scheduler in ReactJS too.

Key Features

Some of the key features of Schedule are as follows,

  • DataSource - Supports various client-side and remote data sources such as JSON, RESTful services, OData services, WCF services and much more.
  • Views - 6 types of views are available namely Day, Week, WorkWeek, Month, Agenda and Custom View (user-specific date rendering).
  • Adaptive - Schedule UI layout adapts automatically according to the desktop/mobile mode (responsive support).
  • Resize & Drag - Appointments can be resized and dragged anywhere within the Schedule. External drag and drop of appointments are also applicable now.
  • Multiple Resources & Grouping - Allows the Schedule to categorize and display resources in a hierarchical structure either in a horizontal or vertical manner.
  • Orientation - Two types of control orientation is supported namely - Vertical and Horizontal (Timeline View).
  • Categories - 6 default types of Appointment categories along with user customization options are available to differentiate the appointment status.
  • Template - Template customization provided for appointments, resource header, cells, date header, priority, tooltip, time scale and agenda view.
  • TimeZone & DST - Supports observation of Daylight Saving Time in Scheduler for whichever time zone it is applicable.
  • Export & Print - Supports exporting of single/all appointment(s) to an ICS file and also Prints all/specific appointment(s).
  • PDF Export - Supports exporting of entire Schedule into PDF format.
  • Appointment window Customization - Entire appointment window can be customized with the user required fields.
  • Recurrence Editor - Complete recurrence related options of Schedule are collectively defined as a separate plug-in, which can be utilized directly within the customized appointment window.