9 Mar 20181 minute to read

The pivot chart control is a lightweight control that reads both OLAP and relational data sources and visualizes them in a graphical format with the ability to drill up and down.

Key features

The key features of the pivot chart control is listed as follows:

  • Data source: Supports OLAP data binding with XML/A data sources and relational data sources.
  • Series: A collection of series items that contain the actual data points is displayed on the chart.
  • Legend: A color code that helps to differentiate between chart items. The legend has labels beside each color to indicate that it applies to information from Series 1, Series 2, and so on.
  • Drill support: Enables you to navigate to inner levels in the row axis.
  • Tooltip: Displays data point values of the respective chart series on hovering the pointer.
  • Zooming and scrolling: Enables you to zoom into an area of the chart so that the data can be viewed with more clarity.