21 Nov 2017 / 1 minute to read

Essential JavaScript NumericTextbox is used to display only numeric values. It has spin buttons to increase or decrease the values in the Text Box.

Key Features

  • Min and Max Values — Specifies value range for the NumericTextbox.
  • Spin Buttons — Allows to increase or decrease the current value in the NumericTextbox.
  • Step Value — Allows to increment or decrement the current value by step value.
  • Globalization — Essential JavaScript NumericTextbox provide Globalization support. This control use ej.globalize.js file to globalize the number format, and parse numbers according to the culture.
  • Keyboard Navigation — Allows to interact with NumericTextbox by using keyboard.
  • RTL Support — Support for right to left alignment of NumericTextbox input.
  • Decimal Values — specifies the number of digits to allow after the decimal point in the NumericTextbox.
  • Themes — Essential JavaScript NumericTextbox consist of 17 built-in themes , and also support custom skins for creating user-defined themes.