Syncfusion Data Integration Platform Release Notes

Data Integration Platform

Features and Enhancements

  • Added SQL database lookup and SQL record set writer controller services to perform lookup transformations.
  • Added support to browse or download dependent jar file for database connections.
  • Added support to launch Data Integration Platform web UI in multiple network addresses like hostname, IP address, localhost, and Wi-Fi networks.
  • Added auto refresh option for data preview.
  • Added support to view Data Integration Platform web UI in Microsoft edge browser.
  • Improved overall usability and stability of Data Integration Platform.

New or Improved Processors

  • Added expression language support for start and end date fields in GetSalesforceUpdatedList and GetSalesforceDeletedList processors.
  • Added processors for interacting with LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Sharepoint2010.
  • Added ExtractEmail processor for extracting message content, header, and attachments from unread emails.