Syncfusion Data Integration Platform Release Notes

Data Integration Platform

Features and Enhancement

  • Added support for variable registry at the process group level.
  • When performing a queue listing, the UI will now indicate if the flow file has no content.
  • Provenance repository storage usage is now displayed in the systems diagnostics dialog.
  • Added support to preview input and output data of each processor.
  • Added support to categorize the components in toolbar to user as per convenience.
  • Grouped options in components context menu.
  • Improved overall usability and stability of Data Integration Platform.

New or Improved Processors

  • Added processors for interacting with Salesforce.
  • Added processor for sending message to Microsoft Teams.
  • Added processor for interacting with AzureIoTHub.
  • Added processors for interacting with Kafka 0.11.x supporting transactions and message headers.
  • Added processors for working with RethinkDB.
  • Added processors for sending data to Apache Kudu.
  • Added processors for gRPC client and server.
  • Added record-based processors: MergeRecord, ValidateRecord, ListenTCPRecord, PutHBaseRecord
  • Data Integration Platform now supports integration with the Confluent Schema Registry.
  • Added separate controller services for Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server connections.
  • Added controller service for Salesforce authentication.