Syncfusion Data Integration Platform Release Notes

Data Integration Platform

Features and Enhancement

UI changes and other features

  • Improved overall usability and stability of Data Integration Platform.
  • Added toolbar view for components, templates and servers list.
  • Enabled drag and drop option for components and templates into the workspace for ease of use.
  • Data provenance view for list of selected components.
  • Added support to retain sensitive values in encrypted format when creating template.
  • Added support to publish templates or selected components to remote nifi instance with simple menu / context menu.
  • Templates export is now deterministic and thus can now be version controlled

New or Improved Processors

  • Increased the number of processors to 191
  • New processors to get data from SNMP agents and execute SNMP set requests.
  • Added new processor to put to Slack.
  • New processors to get and put data to an MQTT broker.
  • Added processor to listen for messages using the Lumberjack protocol.
  • New ExtractMediaMetadata processor to extract metadata from various file types using Apache Tika.
  • New processors to delete, put and get AWS DynamoDB.
  • Added processor to poll notification events provided by HDFS Inotify interface.
  • Support to add reporting task for sending Provenance events over Site-To-Site.
  • New fetch and put processors to interact with ElasticSearch 5.0 and new processors to execute query and scroll operations against ElasticSearch.
  • New processors to parse CEF formatted logs
  • The Extract Email processors now support TNEF formatted attachments.
  • New processor to validate CSV files.
  • The Apache Solr processors have been updated to support SSL and Kerberos.
  • New processors to act as client and server for Web sockets.

Data Integration Manager

Fixes and Enhancement

  • Improved Usability and stability to start and stop service.
  • Added support to view the log file in case of service start up failure.