Syncfusion Data Integration Platform Release Notes

Syncfusion Data Integration Platform

The Syncfusion Data Integration Platform simplifies data integration and ETL in the Windows environment. It bundles the following tools:

  • Data Integration Platform Application
  • Data Integration Manager

Data Integration Platform

Data Integration Platform is an easy to use, powerful, and reliable system to process and distribute data. It is built to automate the flow of data between systems. It provides tools to prepare (ETL or ELT) and blend data from variety of data sources to generate analytics-ready data which can then be feed into targeted application (Dashboard, Data warehousing, business intelligence). Easily integrates with both Syncfusion Big data platform and Dashboard platform.


  • Support to handle data from heterogeneous data sources.
  • Create workflow design with simple drag and drop operations.
  • Supports tracking data flow from beginning to end using lineage.
  • Support to create custom processors.
  • Password or other sensitive data will be encrypted internally.
  • Support to interact with Syncfusion Big Data Platform to perform complex ETL.
  • Support to schedule the workflow in time driven and cron driven format.
  • Prioritize the data flow dynamically.
  • Flow of data can be modified at runtime.


Shipped 19 templates to demonstrate the usage of data integration such as follows:

  • Expression language templates to showcase below operations.
    • String manipulation.
    • Boolean logic.
    • Mathematical Operations.
    • Conditional Operations.
    • Basic File Operations.
    • Search Operations.
  • Data Integration and Transformation Templates
    • CSV to JSON
    • JSON to SQL
    • Twitter Data Analysis
  • Log Monitoring template.
  • HDFS and HBase operations templates.

Data Integration Manager

The Data Integration Manager is an application designed specifically to start and stop Data Integration service.