SfDataGrid Class

A data bound list control that displays the items from data source in a tabular view. The SfDataGrid control allows you to select, sort and group these items.
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public class SfDataGrid : Xamarin.Forms.Grid, Syncfusion.Core.XForms.IPullToRefresh, Xamarin.Forms.IAnimatable, Xamarin.Forms.IElementConfiguration<Grid>, Xamarin.Forms.IElementController, Xamarin.Forms.IGridController, Xamarin.Forms.ILayout, Xamarin.Forms.ILayoutController, Xamarin.Forms.IViewContainer<View>, Xamarin.Forms.IViewController, Xamarin.Forms.IVisualElementController  
The SfDataGrid control provides a flexible way to display a collection of data in rows and columns. The SfDataGrid includes built-in column types and a template column for hosting custom Content.

To bind the SfDataGrid to data, set the ItemsSource property to an System.Collections.IEnumerable implementation. Each row in the data grid is bound to an object in the data source, and each column in the data grid is bound to a property of the data object. In order for the SfDataGrid user interface to update automatically when items are added to or removed from the source data, the SfDataGrid must be bound to a collection that implements the System.Collections.Specialized.INotifyCollectionChanged interface, such as an ObservableCollection. To automatically reflect property changes, the objects in the source collection must implement the System.ComponentModel.INotifyPropertyChanged interface.

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Syncfusion.SfDataGrid.XForms: 17.3451.0.9

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