Syncfusion Big Data Platform Release Notes

April 5, 2017

Big Data Cluster

Features and Enhancements

  • Support to set Hadoop configuration automatically based on nodes hardware specification of a running cluster.
  • Provided SSL support for Cluster Manager application using self-signed certificate and hosted as SSL and non-SSL application.
  • Improved overall usability, stability and performance of Cluster manager.

Big Data Studio

Features and Enhancements

  • Implemented Spark SQL editor to interactively run Spark SQL queries against Spark Thrift Server.
  • Provided support to set Spark Shell memory configuration independent of cluster level configuration.
  • Provided UI for incremental support in Sqoop module.
  • Improved service startup performance and retry options in Service Manager.
  • Improved overall usability, stability and performance of Big Data Studio.


  • Replaced Derby with portable PostgreSQL as default database for Hive meta store.


  • Spark is upgraded to the latest version 2.1.0.