28 Jun 20181 minute to read

The Essential Aurelia TreeGrid is an efficient control designed for representing the hierarchical data in a tabular format, combining the visual representation of Grid and TreeView controls; it represents the data from datasource such as array of JSON objects, ej.DataManager or self-referential datasource.

Key Features

  • Editing - Offers cell and row editing modes for updating the records.

  • Sorting - Supports¬†n¬†levels of sorting.

  • Filtering - Supports¬†filtering records with filter bar,menu and excel filtering modes.

  • Virtualization - Supports rendering large number of hierarchical data at once.

  • Column Template - To display custom columns along with customized expand-collapse icon.

  • Row drag and drop - Allows you to drag any row and drop it at any desired position.

  • Paging - Paginated view of records.

  • Summary rows - To summarize the rows at each hierarchical levels.

  • Details template - To display the detailed view of a record.

  • Frozen columns - To freeze the columns from scrolling.

  • Exporting - Exporting the TreeGrid contents to PDF and Excel files.

  • Column Menu - Supports sorting, column visibility and filtering for the columns.

  • User Interaction - Supports cell tooltip, expand collapse at ease, single and multiple row selection, columns resizing, contextual menu.

  • Column Template - To render custom columns along with customized expand-collapse icon.

  • Command Column - Allows you to perform custom action or default CRUD actions using TreeGrid column.

  • Row Template - To customize the TreeGrid rows.

  • Column Reordering - Provides support to re-arrange the column order.

  • Resize columns - Provides option for resizing the columns.