15 Jun 20171 minute to read

The Essential Aurelia SpellCheck control helps to find and highlight misspelled words from a given content, typically by comparing it with a stored list of dictionary words. Also, correcting it based on its suggestions. Almost all the features in JS SpellChecker are applicable to SpellChecker in Aurelia too.

Key Features

Some of the key features of SpellCheck are as follows,

  • Custom Dictionary - Custom dictionary file is used to store and maintain your custom words like technical terms, brand names etc.
  • Ignore Settings - Ignore words composed of alphanumeric characters, mixed case words, uppercase words, URL links, and file path.
  • Ignore Words - Ignore a specific collection of words from the error word consideration.
  • Customize Menu Items - Adding the user defined menu items in the context menu to correct the error words.
  • Misspell Word Style - Highlight the erroneous word based on the user-customized style.
  • Maximum Suggestion Count - Display a number of suggestions based on the user-specified count.