Essential Studio for Aurelia Release Notes

November 10,2107



  • Essential Studio for JavaScript components are now compatible with the latest version of jQuery 3.2.1

Bug Fixes

Breaking changes

The Syncfusion JavaScript Widgets are decoupled from aurelia-syncfusion-bridge to improve the application bundling process. Now, the Syncfusion JavaScript Widgets are injected into Aurelia application from our NPM or JSPM package.

  • Refer the ej.web.all.min.js in main.js from our syncfusion-javascript package as like the below.
  • javascript
  • import 'syncfusion-javascript/Scripts/ej/web/ej.web.all.min';
    • We can import individual component in the same main.js file to reduce the production build size from our syncfusion-javascript package as like the below.
  • javascript
  • import 'syncfusion-javascript/Scripts/ej/web/ej.button.js';

    We have documented the steps to integrate our aurelia-syncfusion-bridge into all the available Aurelia skeleton-navigation in our user guide documentation.



    • Provided search indices support for multicolumn pop-up, display format and search fields in the multicolumn autocomplete control can now be differentiated.



    • Provided the feature for selecting the files using area selection (mouse drag-select event).
    • #187589 - Provided option to customize the file replace alert text.
    • #183000 - Improved FileExplorer performance while loading more than 1000 files.
    • #188124 - Provided “beforeUploadDialogOpen” event for customizing the upload dialog content of FileExplorer.



    • #161500, #166915, #174770, #F128835 - The Kanban control now supports drag-and-drop operations between the Kanban board and other controls.
    • #179568, #F131180 - Kanban empty columns can be rendered without binding a data source.



    • #148230, #163522 - Custom view has been enhanced to display different set of continuous date ranges or specific date collection.
    • #138564, #141079 - Support has been provided to export appointments to Excel format.
    • #185084 - Support provided to retain the scroll position, even after refreshing the entire layout.
    • #185976 - Support provided to auto-scroll the view when dragging an appointment to the edges.
    • #184777, #162291 - Printing option has been enhanced to print the appointments with its background color.



    • Provided button support to increment and decrement the slider values.



    • #165067,#168989,#172008,#180430,#184577 - Provided support for cell styles customization.

    • #183747,#186738 - Provided support for performance improvement for formulas calculation on importing.

    • #F128298 - Provided support for Building common JSON for both getExportProps and saveAsJSON method.

    Bug Fixes

    • #189113 - Provided support for select cells from another sheet while executing the formula.

    • #186209, #180749 - Provided support for add custom colors for Conditional formatting.



    • #182613 - We have provided the option to allow the decimal places without any limit.



    • #184008 – Provided nested object support in TreeView fields. That helps to map the complex data from data source.

    Breaking Changes

    • #182105 - In previous, when we pass a single node with a parentID and target to addNode method, the node will append to the parentID’s node and currently node will append in to the target.